Stormaggedon Uninterrupted

Stormaggedon UninterruptedIt's that time of the year again ladies! If you live in the Northeast, like us, then you too are bracing for another random snow storm in the middle of Winter. How odd right??

It's times like these when we get to look around and see how many people live interrupted lives. Supermarkets are swamped with worried people who are stocking up on essentials. The news channels are casting a gloomy next few days. We are keeping our fingers crossed that no one's life is interrupted by power outages or worse.

Luckily this is happening on a weekend. If you have to brave the storm make sure you're safe and that you have your place stocked with some healthy staples so that you don't find yourself eating an entire box of Cocoa Puffs.

By the way, LOVE the name: Winter Storm Nemo! Is it just me or can you also hear Ellen DeGeneres' voice singing "just keep snowing, just keep snowing."

Tips to Survive Stormaggedon, the Uninterrupted Way

1. Stock up on the following:

  • dried nuts
  • dried fruit
  • ready-made chicken salad
  • eggs (hard boil them so they can be taken with you and eaten at anytime)
  • low sodium soups
  • veggie chips
  • PLAIN yogurt (add honey and nuts)
  • plantain chips
  • popcorn
  • hummus
  • carrots
  • granola
  • turkey/beef jerky
  • lots of dark chocolate
  • wine (it is never too late to party!)

2. Don't forget to:

  • SHOWER - Hopefully this won't happen but what if you end up not having heat or hot water for a few days? Take your shower early. No excuse to not be cleaned and groomed right?
  • CHARGE EVERYTHING - cellphone, laptop, iPad, etc.
  • STRETCH - in case you have to shovel the driveway or shovel yourself out of a car or house.
  • SLEEP - dark circles under your eyes is never a good look. You have to well rested so you can fight, drink, haggle, negoitate with neighbors and/or shovel your way out of a storm.
  • PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. Part of being Girl Uninterrupted® is being prepared for anything that comes your way. You are officially ready for stormageddon because you let nothing get in the way of your day.