5 Myths About Your PMS and Your Period

1) Lemon Juice or Running 10 miles for PMS

In my years working with women, I have heard of some crazy stuff like drinking lemon juice or excessive cardio like running 10 miles everyday will help. I am all for finding new and natural ways to get rid of PMS but it has to make sense. I think lemon juice as diuretic is ok but be careful about overusing it. I have sensitive teeth so I don't like anything that's going to erode my enamel. Running 10 miles everyday for PMS just sounds like bananas. I bet a man thought of that.

 2) Midol is just a cup of coffee and Tylenol 

This is true. If you read the label on a Midol its acetaminophen, Tylenol, with 60 mg of caffeine, a cup of coffee. So to have some money, just get yourself your favorite cup of Joe and a Tylenol if cramps are your worst symptoms during PMS134169420

3) Being upside down during period is bad for you

I think this must come from our grandmas and aunts who think that if you are upside down during your period, like in yoga, your blood flow might go backwards. I mean not really. How long are you upside down? all day? It’s totally ok to be active during PMS and during your period. Being active is always better than being inactive.

4) You have abnormal periods if you have a longer or shorter than a 28 day cycle.

Remember the 28 days is just an average length of the menstrual cycle and you have at variation in 8 days less or more before you are considered irregular. And in your 20’s and 30’s are the time where it can fluctuate the most so don’t freak out if it seems different month to month.

5) Stress and PMS have strong connection. So stay centered! 

Absolutely yes. Whenever someone tells me their PMS is so much worse this month then their last, I always ask about stress levels - whether that be in your personal life, school, work, new projects, etc, its going to affect your PMS symptoms. So stay active, meditate, and be aware of the people you surround yourself with. If they give you unnecessary stress, its time to consider if they need to be in your inner circle.