Break up the Grind and Deskercise

Whether you’re on the grind in the library or at work, chances are that you spend quite a bit of time sitting at a desk. Our bodies aren't naturally structured to sit for prolonged periods of time, so it’s important to break up that feeling of being chained to the desk every so often. Take quick mini-breaks throughout the day with these quick fixes to work those “good posture muscles” while you work:

  • Make “desk angels”: Bring your arms up 90 degrees as if you’re lying down to make a snow angel. Move your arms up and down, squeezing the spot between your shoulder blades. Reactivate your upper body, bring your shoulders back from a slouchy position, and channel your inner kid with this move!


  • Grab elbows behind back: Just as it sounds. Squeeze your shoulders down and back for a natural posture lift.  If you can’t reach your elbows, grab your forearms - now you have a flexibility goal to work for!


  • Push your chin back: Fight upper cross syndrome (characterized by slouchy, rounded shoulders and an obvious curve to the neck and upper back) with this fix. The chin tends to jut forward when sitting at a desk, and the added pressure can cause back and shoulder aches. We don’t notice because we’re usually looking at a computer screen, not a mirror! Push your chin back every 30 minutes or so to maintain good posture.