PMS Mission for Sympton Relief

MAYLING KAJIYA is the Founder of Magpie, LLC, a women’s wellness company and the creator of the Girl Uninterrupted® brand. She is the product of a Chinese mom and Japanese dad who speaks both Mandarin and Japanese. Mayling graduated from Wellesley College, holds a prestigious NSCA Strength and Conditioning certification (which means she is licensed to train professional athletes!), and earned a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell. She is a sporty geek who loves both sweat and science! In addition to being a native Californian and lifelong health enthusiast, Mayling is the mother of two small children, proving each day that with grit and creativity, women can pursue all their dreams Uninterrupted!

Magpie’s first three products are Shine Brine, Beach Ready and Girl’s Night In (see Our Products page) and the company is currently working on a versatile supplement that is highly effective at managing the more common symptoms of PMS, such as lack of focus, irritability and cravings, as well as a line of soothing teas. Look for announcements about these products soon!

So, why is the company named Magpie? Well, magpies are known to be highly intelligent birds that warble and sing constantly and “Magpie” was Mayling’s nickname in college, although it’s unclear whether it was because she sang or warbled.


We are passionate about empowering women!


Service, Honesty and Energy (SHE) are our core values.


Effectiveness and Quality without Comprimise!


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