The Coolest, Most Comfortable Workout Clothes for Your Shape

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Outfits arranged by body type

Try these workout clothes based on your shape!

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes—but that doesn’t mean that only some people get to look good while exercising! Here are some tips for looking great and feeling comfortable in your workout fashion.

  • Pear shapes: You’ll want to stick with lighter colors higher up on your body, so they draw attention away from your thighs. Flared pants can help balance and lengthen your overall shape. And avoid those pants with stripes down the side—they’ll make your hips look fuller!
  • Rectangle shapes: Create some curves with tops that cinch or have ruching at the right places—generally along the side of the garment.   Also, dare to use that lower-cut tank with a slightly padded sports bra—it will accentuate the best parts of your body! You should avoid wearing all one color, though.
  • Apple shapes: You want loose tops that cinch toward the bottom and help define your middle and conceal any unwanted tummy. Fitted capris are a great way to show off your toned legs. Unlike pear shapes, you want to avoid flared pants, since they’ll throw off your body proportions.
  • Hourglass shapes: Try V or scoop neck shirts with detailing near the middle to help accentuate the waist. Instead of shorts, try the ever-versatile skort. Stay away from loose-fitting clothes; you want to show off what you’ve got!

At the end of the day, an old t-shirt and sweats are just fine, too. Exercise is the important thing! (We promise the folks from What Not to Wear will not pop out from behind a treadmill to complain that your sweats have holes in them!).

However, sometimes a workout is just that much better, or we feel inspired to push a little longer or a little harder, when we feel confident about our bodies and the way we look. The right clothing can provide that boost.

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