A Valentine Love Letter : Prose of Passion, Separation, and Hope

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I remember a sultry night where my heart was revived. Standing across pillars of humdrum city artifacts, I peered a sight worthy of awe. She stood slender and coquettish, prompting my attention to her stance and grace. A small zephyr blew by and etched the t memory into my mind with heart in tow. With very little reserve, the tempts of fate brought with the wind,  a chemistry strong as the ambrosia of satsuma and potency of words carved in rock.

My introduction to this siren stealing my heart was nothing less than extraordinary, one without compare. As days and months proceeded on the timeline above glaciers of the minds sense, the feelings only increased. Adventures abound with happiness and excitement, a fervor of blood, sweat and tears leading into exchange of heavenly delight and sharing of soul.

Our consumption of all things beautiful and unique led the young man and woman into an embrace without which anything else mattered. Enter the collapse of a soul whose character fell from grace. Moments and sensations had now had placed upon them stress and small lacerations. The beauty and purity still there, now it was time to bid adieu. The man knew his mate needed much more, and the purity, love and chemistry could only suffice to hold together small pockets of mirth, too little, too late. The plan was now to share the best of the best for a moment in time without hold. She deserved the best and he too hoped time may hold more for them both – an incredible journey into a lifetime for two souls forever entertained in embrace and positive tension.