Summertime Workouts–Change It Up!

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Warmer weather and longer hours of daylight provide a great opportunity to move the workout from the gym to the great outdoors. Whether you choose a local high school track, a hiking trail or city sidewalks, moving to outdoor locations provides great variety for summertime workouts.

With a change in location comes a change in preparation. Sun protection is key. Sunglasses and a baseball cap are not enough since the lower half of your face is still exposed and leathery skin is never cute. Use a 30 SPF or higher sunblock and don’t forget the ears, shoulders and the tops of your hands.

Hats come in all shapes and sizes, it’s not old lady to buy a hat with a large brim and even a “skirt” on the back to cover your neck. Prevent redneck and prevent sun damage on one the first areas to show sun damage.

Bugs used to just be annoying, now they need to be avoided for health reasons. If you will be out in the woods, remember to use a tick repellent. If you live in an area with lots of mosquitoes, think about the timing of your workout or use repellent.

If you are working out on trails, get the right shoes. Your gym shoes are made for cross training on relatively soft and even ground. There are several brands made for trails and there are sneakers with better support for running on pavement. Best to own a pair just for outdoor running so you can run through the mud with glee.

Look for opportunities to join a team…softball, ultimate frisbee and volleyball leagues exist all over the country. You never know who you might meet, but you will get a great workout and some fun socializing. Just remember to hydrate with water before the team goes to the post game watering hole for victory celebrations!