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Love Uninterrupted Day 2 – Thou Shalt Have Integrity

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Love Uninterrupted Day 2 Integrity

Integrity: adhering to specific behaviors, actions, expectations and outcomes as if they were the right way to be.

  • Once you have examined loyalty, integrity is next.
  • Does someone have the same morals you?
  • Does your significant other keep their promises to you? How about with others?

Pay attention to what someone says and what they do. That’s very telling of their character. Action always speaks louder than words.

Gauging integrity requires a personal reality check. Begin with critiquing yourself before judging someone else’s integrity. There’s nothing wrong with having standards as long as you hold yourself to them as well.

  • Is lying ever justified?
  • To protect a loved one?
  • To spare their feelings?
  • To protect yourself?

Life is full of grey areas. Integrity is not a black/white topic. The important thing is to know yourself well enough to know what compromises you’re willing to make with someone else’s choices. What is the context? “Would you lie” is a loaded question because answers would change depending on the circumstances.

Today’s Assignment: Take a few minutes to answer the following and reflect on your answers to these questions:

  • Would you (have you) ever cover for a coworker who leaves early, takes long lunches, pockets office supplies, etc?
  • Do you keep secrets from your partner? If so, what kind and why?
  • Have you ever had to embellish a story?
  • How much do you judge others? What do you judge them for?

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Love Uninterrupted Day 1 – Thou Shalt Be Loyal or Else

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Love Uninterrupted Day 1 Loyalty

Loyalty: expressing devoted attachment towards someone, or something.

This is one of the cornerstones of most relationships. Loyalty is expressed with action.

  • Does he/she turn off Call of Duty when you walk through the door?
  • Does he/she call you back in a timely manner or do you have to wait hours for them to respond with a “k” to your 140 character message?

Loyalty is one of the easiest things to gauge because you’re measuring action. You’re looking at how they prioritize you in their life. The best way to understand loyalty is to look at your own attachments.

What are you loyal to?

  • Mani/Pedi’s?
  • Cappuccinos?
  • Monthly brunches with the girls?

When you’re able to prioritize the loyalties you have for yourself, it becomes easier to understand and accept the loyalties of others. It also helps put your relationship into perspective.

If your significant other ranks #25 on your list of priorities, then is it realistic to expect him/her to place you in their top 5?

Today’s Assignment: Take a few minutes to answer the following and reflect on your answers to these questions:

  • What does loyalty mean to me? Is there a difference between emotional and physical loyalty?
  • Why am I loyal? What keeps me from wanting to break someone’s trust?
  • What does the gray area of my loyalty consist of? Cheating? Sexting? Flirting?
  • What are the deal breakers in my relationship? Lying? Infidelity?

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Stormaggedon Uninterrupted

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Stormaggedon UninterruptedIt’s that time of the year again ladies! If you live in the Northeast, like us, then you too are bracing for another random snow storm in the middle of Winter. How odd right??

It’s times like these when we get to look around and see how many people live interrupted lives. Supermarkets are swamped with worried people who are stocking up on essentials. The news channels are casting a gloomy next few days. We are keeping our fingers crossed that no one’s life is interrupted by power outages or worse.

Luckily this is happening on a weekend. If you have to brave the storm make sure you’re safe and that you have your place stocked with some healthy staples so that you don’t find yourself eating an entire box of Cocoa Puffs.

By the way, LOVE the name: Winter Storm Nemo! Is it just me or can you also hear Ellen DeGeneres’ voice singing “just keep snowing, just keep snowing.”

Tips to Survive Stormaggedon, the Uninterrupted Way

1. Stock up on the following:

  • dried nuts
  • dried fruit
  • ready-made chicken salad
  • eggs (hard boil them so they can be taken with you and eaten at anytime)
  • low sodium soups
  • veggie chips
  • PLAIN yogurt (add honey and nuts)
  • plantain chips
  • popcorn
  • hummus
  • carrots
  • granola
  • turkey/beef jerky
  • lots of dark chocolate
  • wine (it is never too late to party!)

2. Don’t forget to:

  • SHOWER – Hopefully this won’t happen but what if you end up not having heat or hot water for a few days? Take your shower early. No excuse to not be cleaned and groomed right?
  • CHARGE EVERYTHING – cellphone, laptop, iPad, etc.
  • STRETCH – in case you have to shovel the driveway or shovel yourself out of a car or house.
  • SLEEP – dark circles under your eyes is never a good look. You have to well rested so you can fight, drink, haggle, negoitate with neighbors and/or shovel your way out of a storm.
  • PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK. Part of being Girl Uninterrupted® is being prepared for anything that comes your way. You are officially ready for stormageddon because you let nothing get in the way of your day.

Valentine’s Day Fitness Routine

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Fitness tips on the goIt’s Valentine’s Day soon, and to make sure you show your best ASS-etts, focus on a chest and glutes workout this week.

L is for Lift Your Butt

No pain, no gain! Do 100 Squats with 10lbs dumb bells in each hand.

Break it up into 4 sets of 25 repetitions.

If you don’t have dumb bells, then go ahead and use body weight. Try to go a little faster though since you won’t have much in terms of resistance.

For a complete squat, make sure your hips are parallel to the top of your knees at the end of the squat.

Ahem: Stand up all the way – no cheating! You want to aim for quality with your movements. Do not rush through them.

O is for Operate the Rounded Booty

Next up, 100 2nd position ballet squats. How you ask?

Get a chair and put one foot on the seat of the chair. Keep your toes turned out as if they were pointing to a mouse on the floor.

Break the set up into 4 sets of 25.

No dumb bells need here, just your body weight. If you want to spice it up, unleash your inner bootcamp instructor and make yourself do this exercise with dumb bell bicep curls as you squat down. Fun right?!

Same as before with full deep squats and TAKE YOUR TIME.

V is for Vaporize the Armpit Fat

Let’s keep it moving girl! 50 Triangle Arm Push-ups.

Get on your knees with a yoga mat and get into your knee push up position.  Make a triangle shape with your opposite thumbs & first finger and place it on the floor right below your boobs. Flatten your back, tuck your butt under.

Total of 50 push ups and break them up into 5 sets of 10.

Make sure you go has deep as chest in line with bend of elbows and drop your shoulders from your ears.

E is for Express the Cleavage

Finally, show some love for the girls. Do 45 Chest flys on your back with 15lb weights in each hand. If you don’t have any dumb bells, although by now you might want to consider investing in some, then take a 1 gallon water bottle and use that.

Lay down on your mat and tuck your hips under and engage your core muscles. Bring the weights together right above your chest and bring them open so you feel the pressure in your chest and upper back muscles.

Make sure you open all the way out until the the back of your hand almost touches the floor. Again, go slow and work on squeezing your chest muscles.

You can break it into a 3 sets of 15 reps.

That’s all for today! Now go show your body some L-O-V-E!


Fitness Tips That Can Help Relieve PMS Symptoms

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image005We were recently quoted in the Edmonton Journal. An excerpt of the article on fitness tips for relieving PMS is listed below.

Cardiovascular exercise stimulates endorphins, a group of hormones that improve your mood and stoke your energy. It also makes you sweat, which can help if one of your PMS symptoms is bloating, says Mayling Kajiya, a New York-based certified strength and conditioning specialist and PMS expert, with an extensive background in nutrition.

They don’t have to exercise at a high intensity or the intensity they usually work out at. Walking, using a recumbent bike or cross-trainer, some light stretching, can help flexibility and relieve muscle tension.”

Mayling says: “If you can get out of bed and you can exercise, you should. Don’t be afraid of PMS or let it bother you.”

To motivate herself to get out and exercise during that time of the month, Mayling starts to listen to her workout music while she gets ready to go to the gym. She also visualizes the workout she’s going to do and how good it’s going to make her feel after.

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