Bikini Season Bloat

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Worried about bikini season bloat?  Usually bloating lasts a couple of days before your period starts so in all reality you should have 3 bloat free bikini weeks each month. There is the good news.

Sometimes the day you are feeling really bloated happens to be on the weekend when everyone is making plans involving bathing suits. Diuretics are the most effective way to reduce bloating, but dehydrating yourself before a long day in the sun is… in a word… stupid.

Have you seen the summer fashion magazines? One piece bathing suits are everywhere and not just in boring, yet slimming, black. There are metallic tanks, crazy prints and a variety of high and low leg cuts. Check out the retro high wasted bikini bottoms and boy shorts as well. Sometimes a more functional bathing suit is better than a really skimpy one…less adjusting, fewer wedgies and a lower probability of losing a top or bottom in the waves!

Think about this though, you could just skip this weekend and go see a movie. The other good thing about summer is that all the summer blockbusters come out and the movie theater is nicely air conditioned. It is ok to put your favorite sweat pants on instead of a bathing suit for now because you’ll be back to your fabulous self in a bathing suit next week.